The Cosmic Shaman Oracle Deck
Created in: 2020
Dimensions: (cm)

by Stephanie Pajak
art by Lilla Dent

The Cosmic Shaman Oracle Deck is structured around the concept of yin and yang pairings. In addition to being used for divination, the cards can also be a playful tool for contemplating the ways in which these forces of light and dark, masculine and feminine, and action and flow can and do play out in your life and in our outer reality. The deck is composed of 50 yin and yang cards, 25 of each, and one neutral card. The yin cards are black and contain a message of the feminine aspect. The yang cards are white and express the masculine concepts. This deck can be used to answer yes-or-no questions. The yin represents the negative while the yang represents the positive. White cards will answer questions with a "yes" and black cards will answer questions with a "no." There is also one neutral card. The structure of reality always contains this third option. Allow this special card to serve as a reminder that this higher, most powerful position is always available to you.

The cards can also be used as oracle cards to give general guidance for any situation. The color of the card will help you to know whether to channel your divine masculine or divine feminine energy. The message on the card will point you in the direction of your highest possible timeline. Close your eyes and meditate on the words. Use your own intuition and pay attention to the images, whispers, and feelings that appear. Trust and know that these hints are guidance from your Higher Self. As you become familiar with the deck, we invite you to first examine the cards within their respective pairs and really feel into the contrast of the opposites. After that, play with the cards in your own readings and intuit your own interpretations, all the while re-envisioning and exploring the various subtleties of the words.

Tune in to the cosmic shaman in you. You can tap into this energy by meditating on the image on the back of the cards. This representation will activate you to the frequency of the version of yourself that is both rooted into the primal wisdom of the earth and linked to the universal knowledge of the cosmos. Know that this ability is within you and waiting only to be recognized and tapped into. Use these cards as your connection and activation device. You are white and black. You are yang and yin. You are day and night. You are a cosmic shaman.