COMING SOON - The Sidewalk Tarot
Created in: 2020

The Sidewalk Tarot was inspired by the idea that the universe sends us little messages all the time in the form of everyday objects that cross our path – our task consists of decoding these messages, and this deck is here to help you to just that! The Sidewalk Tarot features lovingly detailed, crisp ink illustrations in a clean grayscale format accompanied by helpful keywords on each card.

BONUS DYI FEATURE: There are 75 item cards plus one blank card that you can fill in yourself if/when you find something meaningful crossing your path repeatedly that’s not already included in this set! This makes everyone’s deck truly one of a kind and allows you to get creative and customize your divination practice. (It also could make a unique gift idea!)

Cards measure 2.75” x 4.75” printed on 330 gsm German cardstock.

More details coming soon as this project heads towards completion! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @littlesparrowmagick to stay posted!